Amazon Prime Day 2017 Deals

If you want to guarantee yourself shopping success on Prime Day, here are some top tips:

  • Install Amazon’s Free App – Deals can be browsed 24 hours in advance on the app. You can “watch” a specific sale and the app will send you an alert when it goes live
  • Be Ready Early – Last year, some deals went live in advance of Prime Day. Expect the same to occur for 2017, particularly with Amazon’s own products on July 8th or 9th
  • Be Most Alert on Tuesday Morning and Afternoon – Expect many of the best deals to go live on Tuesday, July 11th in the morning and afternoon EST. Watch closely around Noon EST when the entire country is awake and at work
  • Avoid Gimmicky Sales – Be sure to only consider items you actually need or desire. Amazon is notorious for impulse buys so make a point to avoid the rolls of toilet paper and giant gummy bears that prompted the #primedayfail hashtag
  • Consider Competitor Deals – With Amazon’s growth over the last two Prime Days, expect competitor deals from the likes of Walmart, Best Buy and eBay to be better than ever. I will be covering those in a separate article as soon as they are announced
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